Be remembered with a custom-made video filmed on location at your company

(Like this one arrow_downward)

Video engage visitors. You know that. You also know that hiring a professional video photographer exceeds your budget. That's why we have made it easy for you and teamed up with one of the best photographers around.

Here's the deal:

  • You get 60 seconds of video filmed at your location
  • You don't get to direct the photographer — he films locations and siutations of his choice to keep this simple and non-expensive
  • 30 minutes of transportation included (afterwards: 350 DKK per hour)
  • 3,53 DKK per km (starting point is Herning)

The price

7,000 DKK for a beautiful 60-second video ready for use.

Please note!

  • This price is only available if you also buy a still photo package. If you only need the video the price is 9,000 DKK.
  • Speak, music, drone filming, and graphics (text etc.) are not included.

Just need a simple looping background video?

Check out these low-priced stock video clips: